Muritai aims to simplify the lives of busy managers.


We help managers cut through the clutter - to find where and on what they should focus their attention.


We use evidence-based methods in our work - it all relates to business results.

What we focus on

  1. Resilience is at the heart of performance and engagement. Cynthia Johnson is the only provider accredited in New Zealand and Australia for the Challenge of Change Resilience Programme. Click here for more information.
  2. Business acumen is a topic that occupies many business leaders and energises us. Those who have business acumen return exponential benefit to their companies. But what is business acumen? How do we identify it in others and how do we develop it? Click here for more information.
  3. Great leadership make a great difference. Cynthia Johnson is a student of strengths-based leadership. She won the HRINZ initiative of the year award for her leadership development work that showed two-thirds of the participants had improved their leadership effectiveness one year after the development programme. Click here for more information.
  4. Manager’s first 100 days. The first 100 days make a great deal of difference to a manager’s on-going success, and there are some things we know will help them settle, be accepted, and deliver the promise seen when they were selected. Click here for more information.
  5. HR performance is supported by offering coaching and supervision to HR people, especially those who specialise in Organisational Development. Click here for more information.