Resilience underpins all aspects of happiness and performance. People who are resilient work smarter and have longer, more satisfying lives. Resilient people don't turn the pressure into stress.


Cynthia is the only New Zealand and Australia Accredited Associate of Challenge of Change Resilience course.   The course is based on the work of Dr Derek Roger and his colleagues at the University of York.  It is offered as either a one day course – ideally run over two half days, or a shortened half day course.


Like everything Muritai adopts, the course is robust and well proven.  It is underpinned by a body of research (some 120 peer reviewed academic papers.)  Again, like the rest of our practices it has a simple approach to resilience: the programme has only four steps and it can be immediately applied at work.  Check out Derek Roger’s Challenge of Change website for more information and testimonials:


Contact Muritai for more information about the course, or to book one for your company ph 64 9 918 1864 or email