Valerie Stewart is a consultant industrial psychologist with a lifetime’s experience helping to identify and develop people’s potential and helping large organisations manage change. She began her career by reintroducing and developing the Assessment Centre method, making significant advances in exercise design and in competency analysis. With the increasing demands on business and management from the early 1980s, she then became closely involved in the management of major change. She has woven these two threads into a working life that has seen her make significant contributions in South Africa, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore as well as in her
native United Kingdom.


Valerie’s experience covers manufacturing, transport, mining, telecommunications, finance, retail, food, and health as well as involvement in government and public services. Her expertise includes psychological testing and the Repertory Grid methodology; she combines a practical approach to problem-solving with wide-ranging interests in the varieties of human experience. She has published a number of well-received books and is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars