Right Start:  Manager 100 day coaching programme

Right Start is a programme that helps managers get off to the Right Start. It involves six individual coaching sessions and support lasting 8 to 12 hours during the first 100 days.

The programme costs $4,800 +GST


This programme has simple messages which cut through all the noise of the first 100 days. We work alongside managers to: 

  • Get clear about performance expectations
  • Understand stakeholders needs
  • Build a strong reputation
  • Get the team on board
  • Deliver results

We also watch out that they avoid the traps that other new comers can make.



How to tell if your organisation needs to invest in the Right Start programme:

  • Per cent of new managers who are above average performers or who are exceeding expectations is lower than other managers
  • Turnover of managers in the first two years is higher than other managers
  • Employee engagement scores of the teams led by the new manager have fallen or are low
  • The size and quality of the network of the new manager is less than desirable
  • They haven’t led a successful change project or new initiative after a year