“The Far-Sighted Enterprises assignments are well-written, rigorously thorough and robust in assessing what they claim to assess. They present fairly complex scenarios in simple, clear formats, with just enough data to resemble ‘real life’, i.e. enough to signpost issues and create a case for their resolution, but not quite enough for candidates to feel overly comfortable that they have sniffed out the “right’ recommendations and courses of action. The scenarios work across sectors because they are cleverly constructed. Valerie Stewart extracts principles and learning from real business situations, then transfers them into plausible fictional settings which engross participants, often generating heated debate and revealing business acumen in a controlled, calibrated setting.


Gil Sewell

Manager OD and Learning Programmes

Fonterra Co-operative Group


"I have used The Far-Sighted Enterprises exercises, on and off, for a few years now, and find them to be an excellent way of getting to the core of leadership."


John Ballie

General Manager Corporate Services and HR

Quotable Value NZ Ltd.